A Letter To My Daughters After Dealing With Loss

  1. Leslie says:

    Oh Bethany.. my heart… As wives, mothers, and sisters we carry so much weight on our shoulders as we strive to be perfect in every way. Shielding our children is something that we WANT to do but eventually we figure out we can’t. Life DOES through those curve balls and showing your children how you react is where the love and learning comes in .. and it’s all good:)

    My dad passed away a few years ago and I felt that I’d never be able to stop the tears and my life would be forever changed. The tears eventually stopped but my life will never be the same. We learn to live and love what we have .. and have a special place in our hearts for our loved ones.

    Your children will appreciate your letter and you are such a wonderful mom:.

    xo Leslie

    • bcadmin says:

      Aw thank you so much Leslie! I am so sorry you have experienced loss as well, it is so hard. It does give us a different perspective on life and how to love and appreciate things differently. Thank you so much for reading and for your sweet comment friend. xoxo

  2. Dan says:

    So beautiful, Bethy. I love it so much.

    Love ya

  3. Meg Barnes says:

    That is so beautiful. It made me cry. Your daghters will be so grateful to have this.
    Thank you for sharing.

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