DIY Playhouse Makeover On A Budget

  1. Your playhouse is magical!!! The girls are going to have tons of fun in it. This weekend we are decorating ours for Valentine’s Day…lots of hearts coming!

  2. Allison says:

    You did such a fine job! Thank you for sharing!! I am saving all these details!! ????????????

  3. So cute – I bet the girls are absolutely in love with it! Many hours of fun…

  4. Stacey Jones says:

    May I ask how the paint has held up over time? We just bought this same playhouse for our daughter, but I fear that Ohio weather will destroy any paint I put on it.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Did you paint before you built the playhouse or after?

  6. Amanda says:

    So cute! I’m in the middle of remodeling ours now! Quick question… how has the gold paint on the kitchen held up? Thanks!!

  7. Breynn says:

    So cute! Where did you get the kitchen sink and stove for the playhouse?

  8. Desiree says:

    Love this! I’m doing my daughtet’s now. Did you paint it with a paint brush or roller? She’s had it awhile so its already put together.

  9. Tiffany Hicks says:

    Love what you did! What size ‘grass’ rug did you use under the playhouse?

  10. Beth H says:

    Like what you’ve done! I wanted to be able to add things to the play house which is why we picked wood. I bought the same one as you but with the kitchen in it. I have already painted 1 coat of white In & out before putting it together. It will be for my Granddaughter on my back patio which can be moved to be covered or not. We’re putting hidden locking gliders under the playhouse for ease in moving under covered patio. We’re in Western NY
    so I wanted to have shutters to cover the 3 big windows on 3 sides. We are also making a full dutch door for the same reason. Bought 2- 10″stainless steel hinges on Amazon $13 plus we’re using scrap piece of wood painted white for the table top. (drop down at side window) Painting accent color of light green called Pitter Patter, for door, gable trim, and roof. I bought indoor outdoor blue & white rug for under house with matching blue chairs for under drop table or for indoor. Target 30% off until 4/13/24. . Bought a mailbox made of unfinished wood, correct size for playhouse for $ 13 @Joanne Fabrics. We have a blue color accent paint for smaller items, as we go. Using copperspray paint for some plant hangers, etc. and adding a cupola with weathervane if it works out! Want 2 solar lights by front door. Painted entire indoor white to lighten whole space- roof especially. Adding Target vague clear Brightroom storage box to screw bottom to wall so opening faces out under the kitchen for dish/food storage. Another wooden shelf for her decor special items. Got my little girl a mirror to hang inside, some metal ladybugs, butterflies, bumble bees, lizards , etc & for outdoor too. An Amerian Flag for the front w/flowers for planter boxes, Welcome sign or wreath for door, and a few other things as we go! I can’t wait to finish it! We’re using cabinet hinges for shutters as suggested by another person so they can be closed and make this almost weatherproof. I will final paint after putting together. Adding puck lights to indoor so no cords or plugs. For the outside drop down hinge table, I got stainless steel hinges on Amazon $13 for pair. We’re replacing hinge on door as it’s plastic & using stainless steel, probably enforcing inside corners of house w/1×1 wood to strengthen those plastic hinges. All in All, I hope we finish it this weekend! Ordered or bought most other things already. We should be fairly prepared already. Wish us luck!

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