How To Create Balance Between Working, Being A Mom, And a Wife

  1. lesllie says:

    So many wonderful tips here Bethany! Work-life balance is dynamic and being flexible and living in the moment helps us keep calm .. so we can carry on 🙂 I think many women would agree that we are so hard on ourselves and having that desire to create perfection is not healthy. Loved all of this! xo

    • bcadmin says:

      Thank you so much!! That is so true Leslie! I love the tips that you shared and excited to incorporate some of those! xoxo

  2. Creating a routine and making lists have been a big help for me! I added having Olivia pick out her clothes the night before after you mentioned it and it’s working so much better! No more fighting in the mornings which makes our days better. So glad I have you to do motherhood with!

  3. Such great tips! Most of them are things I practice as well to create balance with all things we juggle on a day-to-day basis, but I’m a multi-tasker and I actually like your suggestion NOT to do that. Definitely going to try that out!!

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